VELVETBOMB are a high octane two piece formed in Glasgow formed around two years ago. The two piece has seen an increase in popularity recently, and in this case you can see why: its a simple yet effective set up, with the three elements of vocals, guitar and drums all melding together into a riff driven, hard rock sound. The distorted, repetitive ‘Bullet to the Brain’ is an ideal track for fans of Wolfmother, White Stripes and hard rock music in general. With support slots with acts such The Last Internationale (fetauring Rage Against The Machine’s Brad Wilkes’), VELVETBOMB prove that they have the credentials to perform more than admirably in the rock scene.

Having finished recording a new EP which will be released exclusively on vinyl, VELVETBOMB will be looking to continue to perform extensively in order to promote themselves and their music – worth a look if they ever play near you.

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