The Carvelles

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The Carvelles formed in March 2015 from the remains of two bands that I had shared bills with on a number of occasions, with Duncan and James McQueen joining drummer Callum Duncan from Carter Damm and Sunset Abbey respectively. Their setup is slightly different to the standard idea that many have, with the three piece opting for guitar, drumkit, and keyboard, with keys filling in for bass. Since their formation, The Carvelles have been performing live throughout Scotland in a number of venues.

Their riffy heavy sound seems to draw from a range of sources, with the resulting combination being fairly unique. Their first single ‘Walk Away’ has a very Jack White kind of vibe to it, opening with feedback and distorted guitar, before a riff backed by keys, leading into simple vocal harmonies throughout the track.

Their most recent release was their 5 track ‘The Not Coming Back EP’. Listening to this I was again reminded of Jack White’s music throughout, however opening track ‘Not Coming Back’ also contained elements of indie, whilst there was a distinct groove similar to Muse’s ‘Psycho’ apparent in ‘Trains’, and ‘Through The Eyes of The Old’ displays their ability to write in a style that fans of Bruce Springsteen and Queen would appreciate, with a first half in the style of a ballad.

These guys are clearly very capable at playing their instruments, and play a strong and captivating live set, and are very enjoyable to listen to. Personally, and as shown above however, they can occasionally seem to cover perhaps too broad a sound from song to song, despite their sound differing from so many other acts. With a little more focus on a specific sound, these guys could step up to the next level once more – keep your eye out for them.


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