RoseBlud – ‘Beggars and Believers’


I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.

I’ve been aware of RoseBlud ever since their formation at the start of this year. The four piece blend Dougie Scott’s tasteful basslines, Kyle Sharp’s groove driving drum beats and guitar chords from Ally Crawford into a beautiful platform for some fantastic vocals by Frank Jansen. Funk rock and hip hop sections mix seamlessly and it’s just bloody good.

Honestly, there’s no other way for me to describe it – I’ve been hooked since I caught my first taste, and their single ‘Beggars and Believers’ has proved to be worth the wait.

Everything fits together perfectly on this track. The octave bassline drones throughout, the drums hold the groove with an occasional fill, and the guitar, whilst not being overly complex, serves the  song perfectly, and to top it off the chorus features a small horn part  progression which adds another level to a fantastic track. ‘Beggars and Believers’ has the ability to get anyone who listens moving to the beat – I can testify to this: having caught their two live appearances its almost impossible to stay still whilst they are onstage. Even if you are able to, then Jansen’s interactions with a crowd means that he won’t let you.

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