The Lapelles – ‘Grab Life By’

East Kilbride 5-piece The Lapelles have a new track out. Check out my thoughts on ‘Grab Life By’ here. Or, if you need an introduction to the band, have a listen to the brilliant ‘Snakehips’. Go on, you don’t know what you’re missing out on:


Sounds of the Summer: ‘Always On My Mind’


Check out Shanine Gallagher’s ‘Always On My Mind’ if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.

I’ve been able to catch Scottish singer songwriter Shanine on numerous occasions in acts of varying genre – solo acoustic sets, folk groups, and with a band backing her – and every time I come away amazed. With slots on Hit the Road tours and supporting acts such as Brownbear and Big Deal at King Tuts, she is clearly a fantastic talent with fantastic songs, and more to come hopefully. This track however, has shot to the top as my favourite. With its almost tropical feel from the instrumental sections to the delivery of the lyrics, I just love it.

Its hard to decide what it is about ‘Always On My Mind’ that sticks out and gets my attention: is it the jangly guitar, or is it the drumwork? The bassline is simple yet brilliantly effective too, and the vocal harmonies are gorgeous: perhaps its just the sum of all these parts combined that means I can’t skip this song. I could enjoy it over and over without getting bored (as I have done whilst writing this article…)

Have a listen and you might see what I’m on about.

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Sounds of the Summer: ‘Only the Young'(The Vegan Leather Remix)

Here we go then, first post in a new series…

My first choice is not from just one band, but two. ‘Only the Young’ was originally released by Glasgow pop rock 4 piece The Ninth Wave, as part of their EP of the same name, as a slow, laid back track with very minimal instrumentation and haunting vocals. Have a listen here:

This was then picked up by art pop Paisley band The Vegan Leather, who proceeded to take the track in a different direction from the original. A number of synth / sample parts were added, as well as a completely new drum part (which contains one of my favourite fills of recent songs). The backing vocals were also given a new prominence, with much much of the reverb from the original removed.

Building up immediately from the intro, this remix grabs your attention and doesn’t let you change song until it’s done, by which point it has built to a climax of electronic sounds criss crossing each other. Check it out for yourself:

Check out The Ninth Wave’s ‘Only the Young (The Vegan Leather Remix)’ if you get the chance. Sound of the Summer.

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Where’s the Content? (+Announcement)

Damn, it’s gotten quiet in here since last month…

I would have been posting more regular content on here over the past weeks, however I’ve been caught up in a ton of work, band, and other musical related matters. Sorry about that, but there should be posts and reviews coming your way next week!

In addition, I’m going to be working on a new section of Musicalist for the next few months, inspired by Scottish comedian Brian Limond’s non stop weekly tweet about Daft Punk: Sounds of the Summer – if you follow my Twitter or Facebook (*cough*click the like and follow buttons on the side of my page *cough*) you’d have seen the idea being thrown out a while back. But what will it include?

As of next week, every Friday I’ll be posting a track from an act that I feel fits in with the summer vibes we get when the sun makes its rare appearance, and give my views on it. It might be an act already featured on here, or something completely new to the page, I’m still working on my list in all honesty…

So to conclude in the words of the infamous ‘Limmy’:


As you wish…