COOL BLUE is an indie pop duo influenced by Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club. Forming in West Lothian, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, within the past few months there’s very little to write about, and on their online pages their names are not even featured. However, two tracks are featured on Soundcloud and can be downloaded, ‘Like You Love Me’ and ‘Know’.

From these two tracks the core sound that COOL BLUE is built on can be heard to be short delay driven guitar parts and simple, repetitive percussive beats with soft synthy chords holding the rhythm section together. The vocals that lie above these musical layers are strong and catch the listener’s ear, especially the choruses with their powerful harmonies.

COOL BLUE are performing at The Big Discovery festival in Edinburgh on April 23rd, and their EP Launch is the 29th April at Fergie’s Bar, Bathgate.

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