Artie Ziff -‘Family Tree’


Artie Ziff are a 3 piece from the Glasgow area comprised of brothers Rion and Max McKerron, and Alex Kenny. In the relatively short period of time they’ve been together, the trio have already graced the stage at prestigious venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah Hut and Glasgow’s O2 Academy. Citing acts such as Lower Than Atlantis and Biffy Clyro as influences, the band balances heavy, hard hitting choruses and verses with gentle and more stripped back breakdowns. This is clear especially in their latest release ‘Family Tree’.


From the first beat you can feel a build up, with a riff slowly growing louder and louder until it breaks out into a high tempo beat with drums and guitar blazing. This continues through the verses, with lyrics rapidly spat out to keep up with the instruments behind them. The chorus following feels like it has a lift, before dropping back to a beat that would have any listener moving their head back and forth.


The break that follows next sees the intensity and dynamics drop back, leaving a slow drum beat and guitar harmonics to fill the space; which they do very well. There is a clear build up apparent throughout this section, however it can feel to be dragging on at points. Once it does reach its climax though, the sound is cranked back up again.


Artie Ziff are performing at The Old Hairdressers on August 10th, and if this music is your kind of thing, I’d say its worth a look into.

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