A Modern Masquerade

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A Modern Masquerade are a 4-piece Corstorphine based alt-rock band, made up of Alex Cameron, Craig Grassie, Alex Thoms and Oscar De La Cruz. Their music comes across as strongly riff based, with their newest release ‘Shadowboy’ containing simple and repetitive yet huge sounding guitar parts, with influences from bands such as Royal Blood and Death From Above 1979 detectable, whether knowingly done by the band or not. Alex’s vocals tend to be delivered in patterns, and in some cases mimic the melodies played by the guitar, with ‘Shadowboy’ B-side (and my personal favourite) ‘Mazes and Monsters’ in particular sticking in the back of your head for a long period of time.

I’ve managed to catch these guys live around Edinburgh on a number of occasions, and they have a lot of energy, with Alex in particular always moving in some way or other, which grabs your attention and makes you take notice. They clearly enjoy playing their music and this in turn will make you enjoy listening to it.

A Modern Masquerade are supporting Fort Hope on May 11th at Electric Circus, Edinburgh.


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