Sounds of the Summer: T Break @ TITP

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This weekend quite a few people are gathering in a field somewhere in Scotland to drink a lot, and enjoy a couple bands. This event has been going for a wee while now, and some of you might have heard of it: it’s called T in the Park.

Whilst a large number of this year’s attendees will be focusing on the main stages and world famous artists for their fix of music and entertainment, there is a much smaller stage that to me is much more important, as it hosts the up and coming acts from across the country – the T Break Stage. The acts performing this year are looking exceptional, so I’m going to pick out a few to focus on.

Let’s start with Friday shall we? Early performers THE NINTH WAVE are sure to be one to catch, with some catchy indie/synthy/pop tunes and interesting vocals. Also on Friday are alt/rock group The Telermen, whose recent EP ‘Organic’ brings back the sound of Britpop from years gone by, a welcome return to my ears. Friday also sees the massive sounding Bloodlines take to the T Break stage, with their hard hitting rock songs. I don’t doubt that their set will be loud, so I’d prepare earplugs or some form of ear protection, just to be safe.


Moving on to Saturday. Mt Doubt will be sure to give an ear-catching (is that a thing? It is now…) performance, with tracks from his new album ‘In Awe of Nothing’ sure to fit into a live scenario perfectly well.  In addition, Mt Doubt will be appearing on this page again at some point very soon, so go and give him a listen now for context. Saturday also sees VANT appearing on the bill. These guys have supported the likes of Royal Blood on tour and have a new EP on the way next month, so are definitely one to check out, its sure to be a high energy performance. Miracle Glass Company are another band Saturday’s line up features, and the rock and roll trio, and if their online catalogue is anything to go by, then there’s sure to be a song for most fans of guitar based music. My final pick for Saturday’s is Paisley based art/pop-rock four piece The Vegan Leather. These guys have been producing upbeat tunes that you simply can’t help but dance to. Their most recent release ‘This House’ could feature on Sounds of the Summer on its own, and could well do in the future.


Finally, we come to Sunday. Edinburgh’s Indigo Velvet feature with a well deserved appearance at T in the Park. They’ve been building up to this with a string of well received singles and releases, as well as much talked about live shows which led to the inevitability that they would be asked to play Scotland’s largest festival. Onstage on Sunday as well is Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5. I’m not entirely sure I can properly describe this group; if you know of them you’ll understand why, and if you don’t, then Google them and find out for yourself. I won’t say anymore except you must see them if you can. Previous feature band The Lapelles take to the T Break Stage on Sunday; I’ve pretty much said all I can about the five piece, and I would like to think no one needs more encouraging to get along to their set if they know the East Kilbride band. Foreignfox are another to feature on Sunday’s programme of bands, and their alt rock style is sure to entertain. Their recent single ‘Monsoon’ has an atmospheric feel to it, be sure to check it out. My final pick for my T Break focus is Glasgow band Sweaty Palms. These guys always give an energetic performance complete with sweating, as the name suggests. Their fuzzy brand of indie is sure to be one to stick around for.


So there we go, a few of the lesser known bands that I’d be going to catch this week if I was stuck in the middle of a (hopefully not too) muddy field for the weekend. Unfortunately however I’m not, so I’ll just have to hope I can find a few performances online in the weeks after.

For the full T Break line up, as well as the other stages, check out the official line up poster here.



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