Sounds of the Summer: ‘Only the Young'(The Vegan Leather Remix)

Here we go then, first post in a new series…

My first choice is not from just one band, but two. ‘Only the Young’ was originally released by Glasgow pop rock 4 piece The Ninth Wave, as part of their EP of the same name, as a slow, laid back track with very minimal instrumentation and haunting vocals. Have a listen here:

This was then picked up by art pop Paisley band The Vegan Leather, who proceeded to take the track in a different direction from the original. A number of synth / sample parts were added, as well as a completely new drum part (which contains one of my favourite fills of recent songs). The backing vocals were also given a new prominence, with much much of the reverb from the original removed.

Building up immediately from the intro, this remix grabs your attention and doesn’t let you change song until it’s done, by which point it has built to a climax of electronic sounds criss crossing each other. Check it out for yourself:

Check out The Ninth Wave’s ‘Only the Young (The Vegan Leather Remix)’ if you get the chance. Sound of the Summer.

Check Out The Vegan Leather

Check Out The Ninth Wave


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